Meet Dr. Melissa Cooley - TrueMed Healing
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Meet Dr. Melissa Cooley – TrueMed Healing

Dr. Melissa Cooley has worked for Dr. Lawton at his surgical practice before she got her doctorate. Their like-minded philosophies and well-established professional rapport together make for unparalleled patient care. Dr. Cooley graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and immediately began to work for Dr. Lawton. She changed her focus to work in the emergency room after six years, but still stayed on Dr. Lawton’s staff as needed. After working several years in the emergency department, she pursued her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Utah and received her certification in Family Practice.


Dr. Cooley believes that every person is an individual, not a category and strives to give options to her patients so they can help decide which solution we offer would work best for them. Melissa’s daily objectives at TrueMed is to provide primary care, advocate for well-being and quality of life, and deliver integrative and individualized health plans for every person. As a lifelong learner, Melissa is is constantly wanting to adapt and grow with science and newest technologies. If we stay the same, how can we improve?


Melissa is a firm believer in spending quality time with each patient. She spends most of the time with them listening to their goals and plans and then educates them on their health and what plans we will be doing to make your goals a reality. Melissa believes that in order to achieve true health, it requires spiritual, psychological, physical, sociocultural, and developmental balance. All of these factors are interrelated, interactive, interdependent, and holistic. Healing is easier to accomplish when all variables are taken into consideration. Dr. Cooley considers serving people in their health needs as a huge honor and walks away from each patient enriched every time.  


Dr. Melissa Cooley always sees the glass as half full, loves to travel, and has a full, happy house with her husband, son, blue heeler dog, chickens, and snake. She likes to unwind in the outdoors doing fun activities like hunting, camping, fishing, or catching snakes. Melissa also loves to exercise and is a Jazzercise instructor as well. Dr. Cooley loves food and will eat just about any type of cuisine, but her favorite is Kitchari. She also looks up to Loretta Ford, a nurse who started the very first nurse practitioner program and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Nurse Practitioner and was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. She looks forward to seeing Nurse Practitioners continue to advance and make their place in healthcare just as Loretta Ford did.